Instead of arming ourselves, let’s armor ourselves.

Because we live in a country where the agency dedicated to studying public health crises is forcibly forbidden from studying deaths and injuries that result from guns, a country that effectively has sanctioned more triggers under more itchy fingers as solution- bullets for bullets — perhaps we should think of other ways.

Instead of arming ourselves, let’s armor ourselves.

Club wear that is made of breathable Kevlar, covering vital organs, shimmering over our social and physical vulnerabilities. Date night outfits that morph into personal GARDA trucks, complete with retractable wheels for a fast getaway when he (almost always he) decides a single date is not enough. School uniforms that can stretch and stiffen into impermeable shields in ways that desks and doors and the fallible bodies of our heartbroken teachers can’t.

We’re already figuratively cloaked in fear — why not strengthen the cloaking? Why not turn our fear into a reinforced, bullet-proof fierceness?

These new necessary fashions will be heavy, but not as heavy as the weight of the absence of our dead.

America, we have to do better.