Wildlife Damage & Bat Guano Clean-up. What to expect!

Bat Guano Clean-up is a different matter. It should be removed. But again, it is a concentrated area right under where the bats are roosting.

Ok so you have had squirrels in your attic, maybe rats in your attic or other critters running around your attic and now there is a mess to deal with. I am not talking about the damage such as chewed beams, wires or physical damage to the structure. I am talking about the wildlife feces clean-up.

It is a rare occasion, in my humble opinion, that a full attic restoration is necessary. Our industry is notorious for using fear-tactics to upsell customers. I feel this has to be said. With each & every social media post I try to dispel the hysteria and misinformation.

Here is the scoop, an insider’s view from a licensed Wildlife Control Expert…

There are a couple “common” attic-dwelling critters in North Georgia that could cause the need for feces clean-up. The most common attic invaders are Flying Squirrels & Raccoons. The reason they cause a concern is that they use a communal latrine. This means the whole colony pees in a common area designated a the urinal or the critter uses the same area repeatedly, therefore, there is a build up of urine and feces. Oftentimes, this requires clean-up of the one or two areas and sanitizing as well as deodorizing. Still not a HUGE undertaking or expense.

The exception to this are BATS. Bats also cause a build up of guano right under where they roost. So guano clean-up is a real thing. It too, is typically isolated to specific areas, and doesn’t require the entire attic to be cleaned.

The ones that typically do not cause a need for extensive clean-up are: Gray Squirrels, Rats & Mice. These species urinate & defecate as they are running around. This is when you see random droppings here and there. With no noticeable concentrated areas.

WILFLIFE CLEAN-UP points to ponder:

  1. IF ATTIC RESTORATION IS RECOMMENDED: Is your attic insulation covered in feces? Did you have a rodent or raccoon infestation that went unchecked for an extended period of time? If so, if you can go up in your attic and see a tremendous amount of feces with a strong odor… If so, then absolutely you would want to consider a full attic restoration. But again I want to emphasize in over a decade we have only witnessed this to be necessary only a few times. What would be required at this point would be the insulation removed, attic chemically treated, insulation blown back in to R-Value. Make sure that the people doing this procedure knows how to maintain the breathability of the attic, protecting the intentional vented areas.
  2. IF YOU HAVE A SMALL AMOUNT OF FECES: If you have had a species that is not a communal latrine type critter and there is just random droppings here & there… I am of the professional opinion to say “Don’t worry about it”. First of all, you do not live inside the attic so your exposure is limited. With the particulates that are airborne in an attic causing attic cough without the presence of wildlife, I would limit exposure to an attic regardless. The attic heats up like an oven in the summer and cooks most living organisms.
  3. STILL WORRIED: If there is a lot of urine & feces but your insulation R-Value is fine, you might want to have the attic fogged or misted with a biological chemical designed to remediate wildlife contaminates such as urine and their related parasites, bacteria and odors. It is always a cheaper alternative and gives you a piece of mind.

My hope is if a professional in our industry tells you that you need a complete attic restoration and acts like it is life threatening — get a second & third opinion. Make sure they take the time to explain the process and what the end result will be. A lot of insurance companies may pay for this remediation process, however, weigh the bill cost against filing a claim. Take your time to make the proper decision. It did not get dirty in a couple days, so you can take the time to make an informed decision.

We are a small family-owned business, not every company has the luxury of having an owner on-site for every job. It may not even be the company's philosophies or ethics that are being called into question. Maybe it is an over-zealous salesperson trying to get more commission.

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