Winimy’s HotelBot: Winner of Tech in Asia’s Pitch Night 2019

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The use of ChatBots in the hospitality industry is fast evolving. With the adoption of these virtual assistants growing, hotels are turning to ChatBots as a key medium to connect with customers. Given that the hospitality industry is one that thrives on excellent, personalized services, efficiency, and customer experience, there is a need for a solution that can handle a multitude of tasks on the customer engagement front.

Winimy’s HotelBot — an AI-powered, Voice-enabled solution is designed to meet the growing demands of the customer. Encompassing a wide range of services (with ‘Chatbot’ being one of the products offered alongside ‘In-Room Concierge’, ‘Call-Centre Automation’, and ‘HotelBot Analysis’), from hotel bookings and customer service inquiries to pre/post-stay inquiries and general travel advice, Winimy’s HotelBot is a hands-free product that works across multiple channels, and also be integrated with readily available voice assistant speakers, such as Google Home, Google Assistant, Amazon’s Alexa and Microsoft’s Cortana.

HotelBot is built with the aim of meeting the growing needs of the hospitality industry.

It can be deployed within an existing app as a ChatBot or via in-room smart speakers, and can seamlessly automate routine tasks (such as repetitive questions) at call centers to provide consistent, reliable, and personalized customer service 24/7 with increased efficiency, as well as provide smart insights to improve accuracy of bots thereby increasing customer engagement experience.

Swami Sekar, our founder and CEO of Singapore-based startup Winimy, predicts, [quote:]“We think that voice is the natural way humans like to interact. For the last 40 years, it’s been typing based. But moving forward, voice search and voice commerce will drive the future.”[end quote]

With quicker and more seamless conversations between brands and their customers, Hotelbot is set to revolutionize the way hotels conduct their businesses.

As the Winner of Tech in Asia’s Pitch Night 2019,‘s latest product, HotelBot, is covered by Tech in Asia under their premium content in Up & Rising Start-Ups.

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Winimy is an AI-powered omni-channel customer engagement solution for bespoke customer experience. Write to us at to learn how to leverage AI.

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