Versara Trade is the first invest product of Versara Group. This is an introduction article about the participants of Versara Trade platform participants.

Versara Trade platform has four categories of participants:


Sellers of goods will only deal with fiat currencies. They accept fiat currency as funding against invoice receivables. Their loan funding will be a portion (up to 95%) of their entire invoice receivable. The invoice payment from the debtor (the buyers of goods) will first be sent to fiat lenders on the platform to cover principal and interest against their credit. …

Versara, the decentralized financial platform, now starts to process crypto-based loans. The cap for one single loan is one million US dollars , or one million Chinese Yuan.

Applicants will need to go through KYC or AML verification process. Please proceed to Versara website and apply through “Versara Loan” page

For more information about Versara, please check:







While blockchain remains one of the most significant uncharted territories of our time, big banks seem to be the most aggressive when it comes to integrating an ancient with an incredibly new idea.

Before 2017, banks couldn’t care less about the noise of “decentralize” and the new, “peer-to-peer” transactions that would, unannounced to them, be the landmark of the decade.

But once the market legitimized in value with hundreds of millions USD being raised in short periods of time, banks couldn’t resist the temptations that cryptocurrencies brought to the table.

According to KPMG’s Pulse of Fintech Q2 report, mostly banks and other firms harnessing the powers of blockchain raised more than $240 MM of venture capital money Q1/Q2 of 2017, including $107m raised by R3, the New York firm owned by 40 of the world’s biggest lenders. …


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