A writer’s block is like having an awkward and intense conversation with a loved one about where the relationship is going. If there is too much to lose, you must find a way to make eye-contact and work things out. When the path seems long and winding, you feel paralyzed. You want to believe in what Hemingway said.

So, you sit down to bleed. But your scars refuse to leak. No matter how many scabs you pick, only dry air and dust surfaces.

“There is nothing to writing. …

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One of my best friends, Raj Kumar, committed suicide on May 23, 2015. He had called me the previous day to ask if he could come over to my place. We had not been in touch for a few weeks. So, awkwardly, I told him that perhaps we could meet later. The more he insisted, the more I declined. I had nothing against him at that time. Raj was one of the most adorable and optimistic human beings I ever had the privilege of meeting. He had also gotten me interested in film-making, after which we became very close friends…


Do not talk among yourselves about the dangers surrounding your children. Do not debate about the death penalty or demand that the photos of rapists should be available for public viewing. No more sad poems, gut-busting editorial pieces or creative interpretations of how you, as an artist, feel about an 11-year-old being drugged and violated by 22 men for 7 months. as well as — videotaped and blackmailed.

No more shock that it happened to a resident of a gated community in a metropolitan city.

No more hashtags. No more name-calling. No more misguided anger.


That is quite enough.


It is inevitable to lose the people we love; family members, friends, pets or colleagues. Experiencing the loss is a pivotal part of the learning process to lead a happy and productive life. After all, on a long enough timeline — everyone departs. Every relationship comes with an expiry date, no matter where you put it. People leave. We get upset. Then, we move on. Only when we feel that the relationship has not reached its logical conclusion are we overwhelmed by its finality. So, we try hard to recall how they left us.

We remember the sights of the departure; more importantly, the sounds.

I don’t want any further details about the 8-year-old who was brutally raped and murdered. I was at the office when I first read a news report about the horrific incident. Immediately, my head hung loose. I leaned back in the chair and rubbed my forehead. I felt sick in the stomach. Like my intestines had turned into giant silkworms, and they were violently exfoliating my rib-cage from within. My blood turned to crimson curd, and my toes twitched as I jack-hammered the base of my heel against a dull grey floor carpet.

When my eyes started to brim, I…

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At some point, each of you will find yourselves having arrived at who you really are. Most of you will not even be able to recognize the transition. You will just wake up one day and feel good about the type of person that you turned out to be.

You will think no more about the rewards of sticking to your principles. You will not fret over the risks associated with interpreting your ideas into realities. The compliments and the criticism will continue to teach you and make you better at what you do. …

I have been gazing at the moon very differently lately. It used to resemble some runaway Chinese lantern that gaslighted me into thinking the nights were safe. And while it was always a gorgeous-looking celestial body, I had felt no earthly connection to it.

Often I saw its wild opalescent skin burn outside the window in my bedroom. Still, it seemed so far away. The moon was all the way up there. And I was down here.

I had no reason to care about it. Separated by time, distance and destiny, we barely spoke to each other.

When I started…

You may choose to run away from happiness at some point in your life. It is a common and peculiar trait in our species. Apprehensive about that you cannot fathom, you scamper away from it. Because happiness is not easy to cope with. Especially, if you are not used to it.

So when you realize that you have access to it, you end up mistaking self-defense for self-preservation. And you seem to prefer the harsher certainties you have become familiar with. As dead in the water or distressing as they may be, you find comfort in their circumstantial conclusions. You…


Yesterday, I was a few hours away from taking a trip to the hills after a long time. It seemed like forever. I underwent spinal surgery earlier this January. So, I have not been able to leave the city since then. The doctor had only cleared me for travel about 3 weeks ago. For some reason, I chose to wait for other people to make plans. Maybe, it was so that I could transfer the guilt in case something goes wrong.

Nevertheless, I was thrilled about it. But, I was anxious about traveling. It was not a familiar sensation. …


Infants remind me of old people. If I squint my eyes, they even look alike. Their soft and wrinkled skin. Tiny rows of broken teeth. Patchy hair. They tend to behave the same way too. In need of help to move around. Easily confused. Frightened of being alone. Likely to get hurt while trying to take care of themselves.

My first memory of my life on earth was the sight of my mother’s arms arching out towards me. I was ducking under them to avoid getting coconut oil rubbed on my hair. I was about six years old then.


christy bharath

My 1st-ever career aspiration involved a friendly T-Rex with an equestrian saddle & townspeople in need of help. I did the opposite & became a writer instead.

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