introduction 01; youre mostly fine

there are a couple of obvious revelations that are relevant to my story that are worth considering-ideas often overlooked, or discredited altogether:

we live in the absolute most complex moment in time. where you are, right now, reading this, is even more complex now then when i wrote it. we grow exponentially daily-numbers far greater than can be fathomed by most(all) humans. we are complex, we have a complex makeup because of things that we, as a species, have accomplished. that makes us the fathers of civilization-greater feats than ever thought, unimaginable achievements that have pushed us to unfathomable reaches in science, technology, and information.

we are, by an incredibly uneven comparison, the most spectacular species known in existence. smart, aware, intuitive, innovative-an unstoppable biological force wreaking havoc on entire planets. our genetics make us stronger, every day we grow more powerful — for every impurity seeking to poison us, make us weak, we build immunity, we find cures — we find ways to push ourselves further, to protect ourselves. we have the strongest sense of survival over any other living thing, an uncalculable thirst for life. our brains are capable of literally anything, because assumptively everything that exists, exists either because a.) we allow it, or b.) we made it. that leaves no room for anything or anyone elses priorities — we are the priority, we are the priorities.

all things considered, our body(as a species) is largely made up of mostly fine people. unbeknownst to me, this is an amalgamation of probability in culture, identity, education, genetics, and rearing. as a species, we are outstandingly outnumbered by members of society, by fellow homo-sapiens, who will always be content with less than. the middle-class and lower, the ones who make poor decisions, who hate the world, who blame their situation/relation/training/religion/parents and anything else they can wrap their anger around — the ones who will, inevitably, be left behind. they make up a large portion of what keeps civilization churning until we have automated ways to alleviate their necessity: a fact of life not everyone wants to address. i firmly believe, regardless of your circumstances, you can find a way to strive to be more than.

you are mostly fine-by choice. in a world made up of geniuses, made up and built by nearly specieal identical relatives to you — you choose to be grey, to live luke warm. until you agree to the idea that you have made this decision, you will never be greater than. an unfortunate fate — stop reading now.

this is the almanac of the greater than, not the weak-

for those of you still with us, welcome(past tense) to the hegemony.

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