“You’re Indian? From Louisiana? How do you feel about Bobby Jindal?”

This is how I feel.

To be clear: there are no photos of him with women in saris or next to Hindu priests because those were the requests made when he attended fundraisers with doctors in central Louisiana, or events with local Indian and Indian-American communities in the state. Members of my family voted for him the first time around (I didn’t), putting their hopes in him and hoping to make history.

But we weren’t the only ones hearing the requests to not be seen as publicly Indian. A family friend told The Washington Post she was asked to wear ‘Western dress’ to his victory party. His media director at the time confirmed the same to us, explained in the video above.

It’s not about shaming him for personal choices with his name or religion; this is a free country. But it becomes a story we can report on when his political advisers are encouraging him to polish his image in this very calculated way. And when you have a paper trail of fundraising with Indian groups coupled with requests to basically not appear too Indian, or Indian at all? That’s offensive. Jindal also calls out other immigrants for not assimilating enough, suggesting Muslim no-go zones for Europe.

He’s made history as a minority governor, but he has never treated minorities as a legitimate constituency. That’s where this video is coming from. Now that the Supreme Court has legalized same-sex marriage nationwide, he wants to abolish the Supreme Court. And his anti-gay executive order was bad for Louisiana business. Not to mention the other damage he’s done to the state economy.

This video is about something very personal, and just one aspect of Jindal’s campaign for President. NowThis covers them all, so stay tuned for more unique and comprehensive 2016 election coverage.


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