Reflection of what AAAD-A 150 Brought to Me

Before I can actually do a reflection on the class I feel as though I have to do a reflection on myself. As much as I like to throw the word around on some of these blogs— I believe I am very hypocritical myself. Intelligence and truth means nothing without an individual willing to voice those ideals. That might probably be my worst vice — inaction and my unwillingness to get out of my comfort zone to tell my personal truth.

This is not to sound pretentious at all, as I do not believe I have the answer to every question, but I have always been told by my friends and family that my opinion actually means something and that I can be apart of something greater. However, anytime the thoughts that I formulate to words are in front of the public eye, I tend to hold my tongue. Maybe this is out of fear of being downcast, or possibly the fear of failure itself, but I have always wanted to voice my opinions as articulately as I do with those that I am comfortable with or in this blog. It is a personal crutch that I have been trying to work on, and perhaps this blog has been the first step in the right direction. I understand that it isn’t the same as face to face communication, but any start must be better than none at all. Along with positive encouragement from instructor Khan, and the ability to visualize my thoughts, I believe that I am much closer to solidifying an actual goal and aspiration as it pertains to social and political activism.

I know I want my thoughts to be heard. I know I want to be able to communicate them to a diverse amount of people. And I also know that I must get out of my comfort zone to accomplish any of these goals.

Although I know it might not have impacted others as much, and that I probably do not show it a lot, I really have appreciated this class and what it has provided to me. In short, thank you to both Ms. Khan and Atkins for the opportunity to be heard (even if to a smaller degree).

“Iron rusts from disuse; water loses its purity from stagnation… even so does inaction sap the vigor of the mind.” — Leonardo da Vinci

(And don’t worry, I’ll probably keep blogging in my free time.)