I’ve been doing a bit of investigating this morning. What I *want* to do is to automatically cross-post blog posts written using WordPress to my Medium account.

Why? Mainly because Medium has built in community-building tools (recommendations that work only within the network and “Notes” (their version of comments), so I think it’s worthwhile to have a presence there. But of course (like Kim Kardashian) I strongly believe that a web hub of one’s own is a must (because when Medium or Facebook or whatever goes away, I’ve still got my stuff).

So I looked for IFTTT recipes and it appears that the only way to do this is to use the RSS feed from a Medium post and connect it to Wordpress so that a snippet appears in the blog there with a link saying “”Continue reading on Medium”. Not good enough because the writing essentially lives on Medium not on Wordpress. I can’t find an IFTTT recipe that works the other way round because the only output from Medium is the RSS feed.

Sigh…so I will just manually cross-post (from http://versoe.ca/)

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