NODE-AIR’s versatile eVTOL is a fully autonomous integrated transportation system

3 min readJun 28, 2022
This integrated system is comprised into three main parts the fuselage, pod and ground base. This is to ensure that the passenger will have transport ready and available to take them to the next destination without the hassle of finding a ground vehicle.

NODE-AIR’s founder is Pablo Figueroa who is currently a senior design engineer with 15 years of experience in the aerospace industry. Figueroa managed the interior development of molds, parts and full assembly for Bell’s Nexus electric and hybrid aircrafts as presented in Vegas’s CES in 2019 and 2020. Pablo came up with the idea of NODE-AIR and its integrated transportation system. He created a team of four designers to help develop this scalable transport system.

The company’s eVTOL and ground transportation system can service a variety of industries, such as, air taxi for passengers, transporting cargo, emergency medical transport, military operations, a vehicle for United Nations as an auto sustainable home for migrations crisis and many more.

There are three main parts the transportation system is comprised of, the fuselage, pod and ground base. The fuselage contains the airframe and electric propulsion system to lift, cruise and land the aircraft. The pod is an interchangeable module than can be utilized for a variety of services. When the NODE-AIR’s eVTOL aircraft lands, the pod detaches from the aircraft and attaches to the ground base. The ground base and the pod attached together become an autonomous vehicle to transport the passenger or cargo to the last destination.

Ground base utilized for autonomous ground transport. It utilizes the same battery pack as the aircraft.

The company is currently located in Florida, however, there is growing interest from Dubai to start production once it receives funding. Pablo stated, “We have to be prepared if we move to Dubai or a place that will provide funding and support for the company. The United Nations is also interested in our pod module which serves as a mobile home. We are seeing interest from a variety of locations for the many use cases that can be provided from our eVTOL integrated system. Another use case for our pod module is that it can be placed in the water as a marine platform which brings expansion to our concept vehicle.”

NODE-AIR’s eVTOL aircraft has the capability to utilize the battery exchange system where batteries can be swapped for ready-charged batteries in vehicle inspection stations. The purpose is to allow for less downtime between flights. The eVTOL can either fly autonomously or with a pilot.

Funding and location for production will be next steps while the product design will continue to progress. If you would like to contact NODE-AIR, please contact Pablo Figueroa at




Eiman Suenaka is a FAA Part 107 certified unmanned aircraft systems pilot and the founder of Vertical Air Mobility Media, LLC