Work and study in Canada

Many students plan to study in Canada for bright future endeavours. The best part about studying in Canada is that you can do work and study in Canada simultaneously. While selecting any country you have to look at the course and the university and also the duration of the course. But at the same time you also need to look for financial support. Many universities will be giving financial support to the student by scholarships but you can also work.

Work and study

Students are facilitated with a right to work when they are studying. They are all permitted to work at any place in Canada. The universities offer students with different jobs. All the international students are allowed to work for a part time


There are two different jobs in Canada for students. They are the on-campus jobs and the off-campus jobs. The on-campus jobs are provided to the students if they are registered as full time students in a particular public university. And then if they are registered as a full time at private institution then they will be given a job and provided with all the facilities but you need to be receiving some grants around 50% from public institutions. And you need to be a full time student at a private institution in Canada which is authorized by the provincial status to grant any degree. And finally you need to have a valid permit of study. Coming to the off campus jobs you need to have a work permit ad you are working for 20 hours a per week while you are doing your regular academic classes and also full time when you have a break during summer or winter vacations. You are even allowed to work little far if you are between an ages of 18 to 35 years.

Working in Canada for money is also not an easy task; you will be awarded with many qualifications. Off campus jobs need more security. All the universities permit the students to work and earn and then study. So in order to make your expenses low you need to be saving some money and you need to be earning some money. Earning money through part time outside the campus will actually provide experience for facing the outside world. Many students look for a job before they are all applying for the curse. Some universities fund the students through the scholarships that are provided by various private and government organizations.

Before you start working with someone you need to know whether you are eligible to work, also. If you want to work with a company you need to select the company details. So all these will help you in finding a great part time job and makes your income more. So working and studying in Canada will make you understand the importance of money and are all about saving the money. So the money you earn through the part time and also full time whole you studying your favorite courses. There are some universities those supportteh students to get a job through their successful career counseling

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