How To Stop Procrastinating And Boom Your Productivity

Attn: This is not only for bloggers and entrepreneurs but something that relates to every profession out there. This is relevant for everyone who wants to stop procrastinating in all stages of their lives.

When they were in college, the teachers used to ask to stop procrastinating and focus in the class. When they moved on to a job, the same thing repeated. Irrespective of the location and the scenario, whether they are in the office, working from home or have any task at hand, they have grown this habit to procrastinate everything and just carry on with their lives lazily.

We very well know that if we don’t do a task, it is going to be a matter of panic at the last moment. Even after knowing this, our brain has got trained to stop the important work and do nothing except scrolling through the stupid social media profiles, which is next to doing nothing in this case.

But, listen, I don’t mean that you are not supposed to get some free time for yourself. Making some leisure time out of your busy schedule is good, actually good but extending that free time out of the limits which can even harm your work is definitely not good.

Roaming around, putting things off, making cafeteria your favorite place, stalking your ex’s profile on social media, watching GOT episodes all in a row — are just some of your bad habits or signs that lead to procrastination. We all just love doing these. But, wait, what happens when you’re done with all this? What happens when you’re suddenly reminded about the important task that had to be done the same day? You just feel lost because you see no way out. And the story continues the other day and yet another day, and so on. This is a serious problem that everybody is facing in today’s era of technology. I have listed out 6 ways to stop procrastinating and be productive so that we regain our lost respect, time and goodwill. Here’s the list.

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Change your surroundings

Look around. Do you feel like working? Obviously, no! Get up and change your place of work. Either change the way your place looks like, add colors, turn your desk in the opposite direction, put some flowers, spray some room freshener etc, or just relocate. Look for a place that is new to you, may be in the vicinity of your current place. But, this change in your surrounding will bring about a drastic change in your work life. You’ll feel interested and new.

Create your task list with deadlines

Any task when assigned to us, or we assign to ourselves, look huge at the very first sight. Maybe it’s easily achievable, but our brain tells us that the task is too big and it’s better we don’t even try doing it.

That’s a pathetic thought which should not cross our minds but it does. Therefore, this seemingly huge task has to look small otherwise, our brain won’t allow us to even touch it. How to make it look small? Easy! Break it down. Whenever it is assigned, your first step should be to list out the task in parts or steps. If you feel that the individual steps are also huge, break them down further. Let it be a long list, don’t look at it at once. Pick up the first step and ignore the rest. Trick your intelligent brain to think that you’ve got this petty job which will take no time. Do it there and then. Then, move on to the next.

If you simplify your work to this level, you can easily stop procrastinating and become productive.

Surround yourself with people who inspire you to get into action

It is said that you are the average of the five people you spend the most of your time with. I don’t want to calculate and prove this but I definitely know that the people you spend your time with have some influence on your habits and behaviors. That said, choose people from your friend circle, work circle, neighbors etc who stay energetic all the time, deliver their work on time, have a lot of knowledge about anything to share, are always optimistic and value time.

When you’ll consciously pick people to spend your time with, you would not want them to see you lying down lazily and doing nothing. It will have a positive impact on your ability to be productive.

Get a partner to work along

It’s always great to have another person working along with you. It doesn’t matter if your goals are same or not, that company of working together is going to give you a push every time you think of stopping and procrastinating.
At least, maintaining your own respect in front of the other is in your own hands now. If you work according to the timeline and reach your goals, you can feel good because now someone is actually there to see you achieve and appreciate you. Working together is emotionally good for you, as you start feeling important and even the work done by you becomes important to you.

Identify and remove temptations

Make a note of everything that you love to do while on a lazy-day-out, which is actually a working day. Now, this is something very easy to do, just train your mind to do this. Things like checking out WhatsApp statuses, YouTube funny videos, Twitter hashtag wars, chewing away all the chips and biscuits all day long, zoning out for a change, etc, are the things that you have to focus upon.

At whatever location all this happens, put a red tag which says “DON’T” or “BEWARE”. Looks dramatic, but it helps. Your brain is so accustomed to all those f**ked up things that it has to be re-trained and this is one good way.

Share your goals with others

Now, the time has come that you take some real responsibilities. Start telling others what task you have at hand, it can be a short-term task or a long term. When you share, you know what you’re doing with yourself?
You are putting a watchman for yourself so that you finish your task right on time. It’s prestige now! You can’t delay the work after telling so many other people. You just have to work anyhow. This is definitely going to help you stop procrastinating.

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Yes, lazy bum! A lot of times it becomes difficult to get something done but everything depends on your will-power. You have to be strong-headed to make your ‘no-procrastination’ practice work. If you follow these practices, at least 4 of them, you have got a high chance that you will stop procrastinating and be hell productive. It’s time to take some serious actions!