Some days, it feels like nothing, and others…

Week 1 of my A Page A Day resolution for 2016

Mondays seem like a good day for looking back at the previous week, so that is what I will do, even though the year has barely started, so there are only three days of notebook written.

The first two days were nothing special. They were just efforts of will. As far as I am concerned, the only value in writing them was the habit-forming exercise of forcing myself to pick up the pen and the notebook and use them.

I also had technical difficulties of the fountain-pen kind. I have limited experience with fountain pens, and that has taught me that when they work well, they work very well indeed; and when they do not, they are most infuriating. The first day, it worked OK, except the top kept falling off the end of the pen. The second day, I tried to use another pen, and I had difficulty getting the ink to start flowing.

So yesterday, when we were at the supermarket we happened to see some pens, and so I bought a pair of gel pens which used to be my preferred brand. And yesterday’s pages came without any technical issues interfering with my writing.

Speaking of yesterday’s writing, I filled two pages instead of one, because I was writing to reflect on the movie Selma, which I had just watched for the first time and I had a lot of areas of thought about. I didn’t come to any conclusions about them, but I think it helped to sort them out a bit, and may come to something in the days and weeks ahead.

One of my surprises has been that I have managed not to be fussy about my notebooks. I have managed to use the same notebook every day so far, but the notebook is one that I had previously used the first few pages for another project. It has nice paper, but it isn’t purpose-bought for this purpose. I think that reflects a different focus this time. I feel like I am more connected to this project and have not given in to the temptation to focus on some of the “fun” odds and ends that ought not to be the focus of the project. (Though I sometimes wonder whether the pieces I have been writing here so far are of the same sort of diversion from the purpose.)

So that’s the week in writing. My current plan is to wait at least a week before writing again about the process. If something worthy of sharing is inspired by the daily writing, I may share it here sooner, but otherwise, have a good week, and I’ll write more for you in a week’s time.

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