What Open Source and Collaboration Means to Verus and How Verus is Contributing Back Upstream to the Komodo Ecosystem

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Before developing and releasing Verus, one of the most important decisions to make was a path towards building a blockchain capable of delivering on the Verus vision. By choosing Komodo as a starting point from which to develop its technology, the Verus project joined a vibrant ecosystem of independent, decentralized projects that work together, are willing to help each other, and cooperate by building on each others contributions to a common, or sometimes even just similar, code base.

Innovation in Cooperation

From the beginning of our development Komodo’s lead developer, JL777, offered help and advice as we dove into the Komodo technology and code. This fast tracked our understanding of Komodo’s core, helping us best leverage the Komodo technology and improve it through our own enhancements and invention, needed to launch the Verus main net. …

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Aug 13, 2018 The Verus Coin Foundation announces the release of its latest Verus Coin software update, focused on network decentralization and enabling permanent, notarized, encrypted messages in its multi-coin enhanced version of the Agama wallet. In addition to strong encryption, Verus private messaging shields the receiver’s address, and optionally the sender, with the same zero knowledge technology (zk-SNARKs) used in private transactions.

The new Verus Coin release also aims to improve Verus network decentralization and performance at scale, while reducing network lag. As a result, it will boost mining and staking efficiency for miners who may have experienced network synchronization delays due to the multiple terahash growth of the Verus network with solo CPU mining in only a matter of days. …

July 30, 2018 Announcing the Verus Coin Foundation, endowed with over 4 million Verus Coins — dedicated to realizing the Verus Vision of Public Blockchains as a Service (PBaaS) powering scalable, autochains and applications through staking and mining, as outlined in the Verus Vision paper and beyond.

According to Michael Toutonghi, lead developer for the Verus Project:

We’ve seen the benefits of using blockchain for currency and even decentralized applications bound to a single blockchain. …


The Verus Coin Foundation

The official medium account of The Verus Coin Foundation. Verus Coin Publication available at: https://medium.com/VerusCoin

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