“Candy Factory” escape room

The room was built in Germany in the suburbs of Frankfurt on Main.

The escape room was specially made for children passing with their parents. That’s why the riddles are placed quite low. There are no riddles with complex mechanics that would be incomprehensible for children.

Riddles are made so that the child could either solve himself or, on the contrary, helped the adult to solve.

Below are the photos from the escape room construction.

This space will be separated and become a green room. On the right is the entrance to the black room.
In this place there will be a candy machine
Black room before wallpapering.
The reactor without “legs”

Inside the reactor a ball stands that glows and rotates when the reactor is activated.

Attach legs to the reactor
Reactor installation
The candy machine at the very beginning

This white thing should be told about in detail.

This is a machine for buying sweets — “Candy Machine.” During the game children find 4 keys. With their help they activate the machine and from the boxes on the wall sweets drop out, rolling down the red chute into the basket. When the children solve the final puzzle, they receive the key from the door below. And they take the sweets home.

This is not just a game element that children like. But also “WOW” effect children tell about to each other attracting new clients to you.

Covering the machine with a grid
Finishing the box for the smoke machine

For safe use of the smoke machine, a grid is placed on top of the box to let out the heat.

Inside the box the walls are covered with metal plates to avoid fire if for some reason the smoke catches fire (in fact this hasn’t happened yet, the smoke of the machines has a built-in thermometer that turns them off when overheating).

Connection of sensors in rhombuses
The basis of the riddle with a puzzle and toggle switches
The first location on the right is a candy machine.

All the scenery I made and painted manually.

All the works I do myself: decorating, engineering, script writing. A full list of services for creating escape rooms can be found at: super-escape-room.com

Surfaces that can be touched by the player are covered with lacquer to protect the paint from wear.

Riddle — the child needs to throw the ball on the platform so that it stayed there for at least couple of seconds.
Riddle for team interaction.
Light spots on the wall from the disco ball, which creates the whole atmosphere of the room making it more dynamic.

All elements of this escape room are interactive and are started by the players’ actions. Only in this room there are 4 automatic caches. Reactor with the ball is triggered by players connecting the wire.

The device on the left produces smoke when the puzzle is solved correctly.

A few more photos through the “Fish Eye” lens:

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