Escape room: “There is someone In this house…” construction history — from an empty room to the first game.

Photo of the premise before the start of construction, there are 5 rooms
Tunnels and walls of the frame
Painting the scenery
Комната “Мусорный подвал”
Location “clown’s den”
The “Mannequins” location with a general light — the process of building
Location “Mannequins” with gaming lighting
Location “Children’s room”
Fluorescent paint
Light makes the bear evil
“Green” location
Location “Clown’s den” in normal lighting
Location “Clown’s den” with gaming lighting
Actor in mask and costume for the game
Testing the scape room — in the photo on the left is the team of administrators and the customer in the photo on the right are the team in the room.

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