How the “Mossad” escape room was built Ashdod, Izrael

Hello, dear reader. Let’s start the narration.

After the escape room about “Edison” was created (you can find the story of the construction of “Edison’s Perfume Machine” escape room on, it was necessary to proceed immediately to the next one.

Originally it was supposed to be a children’s quest about circus. But while decorations were prepared, it was decided that it would be better to make an escape room for adult audience.

Thus, the cheerful idea of ​​a bright room tuned into a dismal preparation of the anti-terrorist group.

To be precise, the plot is not about the Mossad, but about a special unit Kidon which is a secret department in Mossad, it is engaged in the liquidation of terrorists.

As far as there was no place to put materials and items, we had to work in a mass.

There are two locations. The first is a large room about 20 square meters, the second is a tiny closet of terrorists about 8 square meters.

The pass between them goes through a narrow hole, see the picture above.

In order to collect items of military entourage we went severally to flea markets.

As it turned out, in Israel it is quite difficult to get cheap military boxes, flasks, helmets. Anyway, we didn’t manage to save any money on this.

The main “WOW” twist of the room was a bomb in a suitcase. It’s the last what players find.

The bomb begins flashing the lights, the siren is on, the players are producing adrenaline.

To get out of the room, players need to cut the wire (the wire-cutter falls out of the hiding place next to the bomb).

Red or blue (in fact it’s not important) but we made a hint for the players that it’s red.

When they cut the wire, the bomb is deactivated and the door to the exit opens.

First location photo

The room layout was quite unique, there was not enough space.

I had to embed the decor wherever possible.

If you are interested in learning more secrets of creating an escape room, visit the site:, where I’ve collected the experience of 3 years of escape rooms making.

For example, a board with terrorists is mounted in shelves. And the cache-niche with objects is made in the window opening. The window itself is covered with a sheet of plasterboard.

Since the room is in military style, most of the puzzles are related to physical activity.

Players must pull the ropes, push the pump, work in a team, crawl on all fours and carry a huge yellow box.

We tried to make the escape as realistic as possible. For example, in a photo on a blackboard are real terrorists wanted. Even photos of objects that they want to blow up are photos of real airports, railway stations in Israel.

In order to keep paper documents longer they are laminated. But not always it is worth doing, as not everywhere it fits the style.

In this room some of the riddles were made in Russia and sent by plane. At the moment, if I build a quest abroad, all riddles are done on the spot.

Since the transfer entails significant expenses and is extremely unpredictable in time reference.

The room of terrorists (the printer under the table will be removed) — on the right is a suitcase with a bomb

In order to create atmosphere, wallpaper of two types was hung in the room: imitating gray brick and camouflage.

The ceiling was covered with a camouflage net. After that, the room reminded a field bunker.

Studying the photo after a few months, I see that I should have added more color lighting. I made the red light dominant and used spotlights instead of common ones.

Riddles are made so that players need to pass several times from one room to another. This is done to add drive and remove discomfort from staying in a small second location.

In this escape room it was possible to preserve the atmosphere of a quest and tell the story of the terrorists who were planning the terrorist attack.

In the escape room there is one thing that players really like and thanks to which they have vivid memories — these are caches on the walls.

5 green boxes along the walls are caches with the chain with a key inside, when players solve the riddle one of the hiding places opens. The lid rattles loudly against the wall and the chain falls on the floor. This frightens the players greatly, some of them even scream.

At the moment of the story writing, the escape room has been working for a year. Now I see how I could improve it. Change the puzzles. Add atmosphere. At one time when it was just started, it was the best escape room in the city.

Now the level of escape rooms in Israel has grown greatly in last year. But the Mossad still continues to please people, and gets good feedbacks from the players.

Information and feedback about the escape room can be found in their group

If you are planning to open a cool escape room and are looking for a reliable performer, welcome to my site:

Here you will find a lot of useful information on the escape rooms construction: guides, check lists, business plans. Visit, it will be interesting!

Thank you for your attention and have a great day!




All service for Escape room — creator, engineer, scenario writer, designer). See more:

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Vladimir Kalugin

Vladimir Kalugin

All service for Escape room — creator, engineer, scenario writer, designer). See more:

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