Today on the Internet #0004

Today on the Internet #0004: Drugs, Tacos, Piñatas, 9/11, Burritos, Design

A: MDMA might be a good tool for building empathy (via GOOD)

I guess we all should listen to a little bit more techno? I’m skeptical. I mean, call me a party pooper, but won’t everyone just dump ice on their heads and fill their arms with sweaty bracelets? Doesn’t sound like a productive day.

B: This workshop will teach you how to make a Taco Piñata (via Studio DIY)

Uh – how could you possibly NOT take up this invitation? “Come hang at Studio DIY HQ and learn how to make a taco piñata in honor of National Taco Day on October 4th!” It is the best $75 you could possibly spend, obviously.

C: Beautifully “banal” images captured by an electrician at the World Trade Center. (via The New Yorker)

Just 3 months prior to the attacks that took place on this day in 2001, Konstantin Petrov, began work as an electrician at Windows on the World, the restaurant atop the north tower of the World Trade Center. During his short time there, he captured incredibly banal images of the light fixtures, flowers, elevator signage, etc. A fine example of appreciating the small details in life before they are gone forever.

D: America’s BEST burrito was determined (via KPCC)

Luckily I will be in San Francisco next week. Can I just say that I love burritos? On another note, why is this burrito cut down the middle? Is that a thing?

E (Bonus): Some design nerds are creating a perfect replica of the famous NYC Transit Authority Graphics Standards Manual (via Kickstarter)

This is awesome. I’m very tempted to back the project on Kickstarter, but secretly enjoy waiting until the last day of a campaign. Just keeps things a little more thrilling.
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