The Best Online Communities for Kpop Fans

For the billions of users they all have, its pretty hard to make quality friends on Tumblr, Instagram, or Facebook that you don’t already know in real life.

Below are three places where you can meet other Kpop fans, not have to worry about how much Kpop you’re sharing on your wall, and be able to freak out over the latest rookie debut with someone who is just as excited as you are.

Vingle is available on web, iOS, and Android.


This app comes in first by far thanks to the perfect mix of content-sharing (similar to Tumblr) and chatting with other fans (you can comment, unlike Tumblr!) The Vingle Kpop community is really friendly, holds giveaways and games often, and its relatively easy to figure out. Plus you can join other communities specific to your favorite groups or members.
- Find it on the app store here.
- Visit the Kpop community

K-Pop Amino

Lots of content, but the interface is a little crowded and hard to figure out at first. Plus, its near impossible to use online, you can only use the apps. Good for just browsing, making lists, and keeping up with news.


Reddit is the place to be for breaking news. As far as a community feel goes, there are plenty of trolls (its Reddit, after all) and the moderators are quick to correct any mistakes — even if it was just a simple one you made cause you’re new. Its not a place to be creative, just to stay up to date.

Now go find your fandom!