This is a railway track.

Chance upon it after one of my sunday brunch (#yangonsunday pretty sure it will die down after, like what, 3 Sundays? lol)

This is the Yangon Circular Railway, it is a local commuter railway network serving the Yangon metropolitan area. For just one US dollar, you can experience the true spirit of local life here in Yangon as you board on the 45.9km long ride through the city seeing the transformation from concrete roads to paddy fields and rusty village.

This reminds me of when I was a little child and I had to travel to my grandparents’ place, which is a 3 hours train ride away from Singapore. I can’t believe I used to hate that form of transport, because it’s always so uncomfortable and I’m such a spolit brat who prefers to travel in comfort (read: cars). Now that there’s no more train services from Singapore to Malaysia, gotta admit I kind of miss taking the smelly and crowded train.

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