I am left with 2 more working days and 3 days to the end of the most torturous phrase of my life.

If I were to describe my internship in a word, it will be “dramatic”. Drama begins from day 1, even before we flew over. But I’m just glad all these will put to an end soon. Aren’t you? At least it is a definite yes from me. I’ve came to appreciate how understanding my family and friends are now.

(A few days later back in Singapore)

So hi. Again. Twice in a post. Because I forgot about this when I was in Myanmar. So live has been treating me real good when I’m back in Singapore. My relationship with my MP mates is getting better mainly because we aren’t seeing one another for 24 hours and 7 days a week. I finally managed to catch up with my dearest bestfriend. Really really lucky to have low maintenance friends. Hallelujah.

So yea good catchup and spending most of time (and money) with my love. Sometimes it just makes me wonder if we will get sick of one another because we are seeing each other so fricking often. It seems like we are inseparable. But sometimes when we are not together, it feels like hey it’s alright I can survive without him.

I guess the only difference between this relationship and the past few was that, we are clingy when it’s needed and not when there’s no need. You get what I’m trying to say? ‘Cause I’m alittle lost in the midst of explaining my thoughts to you non-existent readers.

Is just comfortable.

The one I enjoy.

The one that makes me happy.

Till next time, xoxo.

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