To me, in probably 3 months time.

Dear Shuyi,

The only reason you’re writing this is because firstly, you’re almost 100% done (literally fed-up done) with your work. Secondly, you don’t want to look like as if you’re slacking your ass off again, as usual. Since day one.

Thus this letter.

Dear Shuyi,

You should read this letter when the overseas attachment is over. When you’re at the comfort of your own house in Singapore, when you have fast internet and all your friends and families near you (or at least in the same country).

You’re finally done with this overseas attachment, holy shit firstly you need to give yourself a pat on your back because you’ve done something you never thought you would actually do it. So good job my dear. Even though you’re practically slacking 150% of the time at Yangon, but hey you’ve given what the company wants and finished all the projects (I hope so).

So yes, you’ve made many stupid decisions and you’ve regretted a big deal. No worries, we all grow up from our own mistakes. But please stop making stupid decisions when your emotions are running high and/or low. (Okay pretty sure everyone thinks I’m fricking typing the SMS manual right now lol) I’m glad you went forward with this overseas attachment, even though you were going to be away from your friends and family members, especially your mom (since I’ve came to known how important a mother it is to every child in their life, mark my words). I wouldn’t say the past few months were easy on you. Remember the night before you left, and Jady was still nagging at you on the amount of things you were planning to bring over to Yangon. And how unprepared you were, and how you were still talking to your friends at late night and crying? On that day, on your way to the airport your mom was so worried with you but you snapped alittle (can’t remember the exact reasons but yea you snapped, you little bitch). And she gave you some weird ass lemon barley water and made you drank it before she left for work. With Jady beside trying very hard not to cry.

Okay fast forward to when you’re in Yangon, remember how you were trying to love this attachment with the stupid AGM trying to pick on you even during off-work hours, yea that arse. Remember how much you cried because you were missing home so badly. And you had that terrible diarrhoea for 2 fucking weeks and lost 4 kg (gotta admit the best diarrhoea ever had, just look at the amount of body weight you’ve lost just in 14 days).

Continuing the walk down your memory lane, there were few occasions when there were miscommunications and then things got really awkward and you wondered really hard how can people not do this and that (mainly the dishes part). And oh my god, every night skyping Bryan so religiously. With some time having doubts, but it just seems so right when you saw him for the very first time at Changi, as his significant one.

And then came your new assistant manager who is an arse too with her thousand moodswings in a day.

Okay that’s all for now, and prolly it will be the same for the remaining weeks here.

All I wanna say is, you’ve achieved something you never thought you were gonna make it. You were able to go through this and date someone you actually feel happy and relieved via Skype and occasional visits.

I’m really glad you’ve grown and matured in one way or another.

I’m really glad you’re appreciating your family members and friends now.

And everything Singapore offered (read: A roof, education and fast internet).


Shu Yi

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