Ignored Landscapes [a photo essay]

HANGING MOSS | Nauvo Archipelago, Finland | January 2016

Turning my eye into little things that I usually walk past and ignore.

The New Year is upon us. Seems like 2015 was all about doom and gloom, at least as far as international news and events went. It didn’t have a big impact on me or my family, but somehow the news were still creeping in and influencing my photography, at least in a sense that traveling did not seem as exciting as usual.

Instead of travelling into exotic locations, I had an opportunity to turn my camera towards my own city (see gallery here) and during the first days of the new year, into little things in the archipelago. I was photographing literally plants and rocks that I usually walk over in the fields and forests. It felt like I was I was scuba diving and photographing the bottom of the Baltic sea and its hidden treasures. However these photographs were all taken on the island, since the water is mighty cold at this time of the year.

On location — Photographing with a macro lens and fiber optic flash extension | Nauvo Island, Archipelago Sea, Finland | photo: Veera Loikas

Artistically it is very challenging, but also important to keep photographing the same place at different stages of my life. The places seem to stay the same, but I just start to see them differently. Yet there are always similar themes in my photographs. In one level that is comforting, somehow I am following my core and trying to interpret my inner landscapes over and over again.

STRING QUARTET | Nauvo Archipelago, Finland | January 2016
HIDDEN CITY | Nauvo Archipelago, Finland | January 2016
ICE PICASSO | Nauvo Archipelago, Finland | January 2016

I explore and express my ideas about the human condition and its wide range of emotions with photography. I often collaborate with other artists
and often use architecture and urban landscape as stages.

I am a fine art photographer based in Turku, Finland


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