Woman, how dare you be different?

I love being a woman. There’s a certain strength that comes with it.

However, the sad part of being a woman is the lack of support for each other. We find women bringing each other down, judging the ones that dare to be unconventional and judging the ones that choose to remain in status quo. Women are so obsessed with bringing other women to their place and clipping their wings. Saying, “this is how it should be”, but who says? Who defined normal? Have we ever asked the question?

I implore you, If you see another woman flying and defying gravity and all stereotypes, applaud her because she was courageous enough to think beyond the box. But often times, you find other women trying to pull her into the box, by clipping her wings to make her fit. “How dare she think different from the norm?”, “How dare she defy gravity?’, “This is not what it should be!” My question is, says who?

We need to stand together and let all women fly in their respective directions. Those that wish to stay put should also be allowed to. Those who wish to break all stereotypes should be encouraged to. We just need to let all women be. We may have the same components, but we are wired very differently.

We are often scared of what we do not understand but no ground breaking invention came through being normal.

Please do you, be you and never let anyone tell you “you can’t”, just because you are a woman.

I was brought up to believe I can defy gravity and I will.