Look, I need you to grow up.

I’m an adult, you keep saying.

Now you might be wearing fancy shirts and a nice watch, your hair cut a little shorter than it used to be. Talking politics and governance and planning on moving to DC for the summer, but you have still not grown up.

Not until you stop running. Because, you know who runs? Yes, that’s right. Kids do.

I need you to grow up.

Because you can’t tell someone that they are your life and the next day suddenly feel too different to live with them. Does that mean you can’t live with your life?

But you still love them, of course. Whatever meaning that holds to you.

And because it’s fine if you decide not to commit but it’s not fine if you change your mind and come back in a week and it’s certainly not fine if you do it all over again in a month.

No, I need you to grow up.

Because when you love someone and you’ve just had a fight with them and they ask you if you still want to be with them, there is only one right answer. And it is not silence.

And you don’t say you need someone and then keep them in a tight room for 3 hours while you grip your hair and wonder if you want to still be with them. You don’t tell them you want to continue your “conversation” the next day only to say that you’ll think about it when they come to you again.

Because when you make a mistake you don’t cry and say you’re sorry and that you feel bad. You actually try to fix the mistake.

Because adults take action. And it’s not comprised of running.

Look, I need you to grow up.

So I can continue growing myself.