You Can Create Truly Private Properties In JS (without ES6)
Kirill Shestakov

Thank you for letting me know how easy it is to copy someone’s article. You could have at least given me some credit before naming the pattern that I invented (the so called in this article “accessor pattern”). And I know that you have copied it, as the idea behind the article is the same abd I have never seen the last pattern before writing about it myself. Possibly you have decided that as I am just starting, you are free to steal my work, change a few words and publish it as your own. As you probably saw at the end of my article on Medium, I am writing that this is my first publication and that any support is welcome. THANK YOU for your amazing support. The world of writing really is cruel. You pointed that out perfectly! You did also succeed to suppress my will to write.

Here is my article:

If I were you, I would be in a big hurry to delete my comment, before anyone has seen it. Have a really nice day!