The Fourth Industrial Revolution

The speed of the change is accelerating, the complexity of the world around us is ever multiplying. Is the fourth industrial revolution emerging, happening or has it already happened? Of course we need some time distance to spot the acts of change and as well the needed critical mass adopting the new change that would be called the fourth industrial revolution. To think about the revolutionary step forward I would like to observe some relations: how our surrounding is changing related to technology , how the technology is changing our society, the relation between the humans and machines and the processes within us people.

If the technology will become more and more sophisticated and wildly use and the current systems of wealth inequality would need the reevaluation. With the new technology one will live in a sustainable natural surrounding, highly beneficial to the man and the nature.

What does the money transfer mean in obtaining such standards and that there remains still the question of the measures of wealth: are they to be measured in the bank account, stocks worth? Living even in this contemporary moment we live in times when imprisonment for instance is highly questionable because the technology benefits can smoothen the needed concept of punishment, solitude and discipline measures. Thinking about the educational system as well is deeply changed with the technology as it is wildly accessible and it’s relies on much more information. The technology development made it possible, anticipated it and is the final step will overcome it.

The question about the relation between people and machine will emerge. The questions about interfering in our genes inscription might be asked and this all stands in front of us, to be solved. At this moment these are seeming so complex but with the growth of the knowledge even this could be systematically approached, evaluated by many, and probably applied in many different solutions. The solutions that were once imposed by the chosen minority would be approached differently. Probably this new approach would mean that the solutions would be implemented by the different groups of people differently , so that the heterogeneous solution would be gained and in future developed.

The fourth industrial revolution will bring us a whole new range of values. The values would be specially amplified regarding to the terms of sustainability, lifestyle commodity, enjoyment and experience. The future time will demand a higher and more sophisticated knowledge of interaction and it ought to be based on interpersonal acceptance and well being of the other person we are relating to. As we have already witnessed the technology is becoming more and more sophisticated and somehow the humanity needs to accommodate to it with the more sophisticated approach that would mean: less waste of energy, more efficient fulfilment and more truthful communication. The humanity will grow in the technological domain and as well in the spiritual one.

Sophistication in technology means sophistication within our social skills. One can not go without the other. The future in front of us is a bright one because inevitably people are becoming smarter and neater. Although it might be that the line of human intellectual growth and progress would not be a steady linear increasing line but a sinusoid or sharp ups and downs but with the progressive inclination over the wider span of time.

31 Dec 2015.

Vesna Balta, PhD