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Google’s announcement to stop supporting 3rd-party tracking cookies in its Chrome browser has rustled some advertisers’ feathers recently, but is there more to the story?

Most, but not all, 3rd-party cookies are used to track users across the web. If disabled in order to stop tracking, then all 3rd-party cookies that are not used for tracking will also be affected. In place of these cookies, Google plans to implement the privacy sandbox, a rich API that advertisers will instead be able to use to distribute their ads to their target audiences. Some of the ideas they’ve proposed include:

Thanks to the rise in popularity of cryptocurrencies, many industries outside of the financial sector have been exposed to blockchain technology — and crime is no different. From hacking online businesses to get to their assets, fraud under the guise of buzzwords like innovation and blockchain, all the way to being the preferred means of value transfer in illicit transactions, criminals have embraced this technology and made good use of it. Can we expect this trend to continue in the future and what can we do to protect our legitimate business from attack and stay on the regulator’s good side?

2019 so far in numbers

Screencap from the Stadia announcement.

Last Tuesday at GDC, Google unveiled its cloud gaming solution that promises to solve a number of problems for gamers, dubbed Stadia, to much media buzz and attention. While many are excited about the platform to end all gaming platform wars, others have expressed skepticism about how Stadia will actually work. My personal first reaction was more along the lines of the latter group, but I decided to dig deeper, weigh all the pros, cons, and science in between. Bear in mind that this is just my personal view, but I’d love to spark a discussion and hear other opinions…

Astralis take home the ESL Pro League trophy for the second time in a row. Photo: ESL.

2018 is done, gone, and on the record as the biggest year we’ve seen in esports yet — with viewerships, players, investments, sponsorships, and other revenues showing remarkable growth.

It’s been an intense few months for us, and hopefully, not too long of a wait for our incredibly supportive community. We are thrilled to announce that the GewdGame beta service is finally available!

By creating a user account on GewdGame, ambitious players will soon be able to access a wealth of tools and connect with peers in order to flesh out their skillset in popular esports titles, including Dota 2, League of Legends, and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Without further ado, here’s how you can take your first step towards pro esports with GewdGame right now:

Beta Launch Features

Solo practice

Create an account and…

Photo: GewdGame archive.

Fact: any modern company worth its salt knows that a business is only as strong as its team. For startups, especially, a team — however small — can make up for its size by prioritizing diversity in skills and expertise. That’s how we roll — our tiny team could hardly be more diverse than we already are: we’ve got a master chef, an amiibo collector, an astrology debunker, a streamer, a grammar nazi, and two herbivores. Can you guess who’s who? Presenting the GewdGame team!

Na’Vi celebrating their recent win at ESL One Cologne. Photo by ESL

A couple of weeks ago, I tuned into ESL One Cologne to watch the best of the best in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. I challenged someone who had never watched an esports match to join me, since I was curious to see what their reaction would be. A couple of rounds into it, my friend exclaimed, “This is a lot like sports, except that it’s actually fun to watch!”

Her astonishment does make sense on an intuitive level, even for a gamer; why in the world would you want to watch someone else play games if you can play yourself? Although…

A sneak peek into GewdGame, the esports talent marketplace. ©GewdGame

When a bunch of people get together to compete in multiplayer games, we call that esports. With a YoY growth rate of 38% in 2017, this booming industry is growing at almost breakneck speed. Once shunned as a pastime for the geeky leet weirdos, esports today is gaining recognition and respect from fans and advertisers all around the globe. …

Tide ad screencap. Source: YouTube

Once a year, marketers all around the world drop what they’re doing to watch the single biggest event in advertising: the Super Bowl. 🏈

‘Fess up — the only reason most of us Europeans ever tune in is to watch the commercials. When it’s the world’s most expensive ad slots we’re talking about, you know you’re in for some of the best advertisements of the year. And this year, Procter & Gamble won best play with their Tide ads.

So what makes these Tide ads so special? Well, with David Harbour rolling around in the sheets, riding an extraordinary long…

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