User-centered design

Sounds easy and self-explanatory, right? So why do you keep forgetting you’re building your product or service for the user?

If your product is not aligned with the users need the user feels the frustrations in everyday life. You need to constantly research what are they needs and expectations to match them. If the user can’t really feel your vision and doesn’t understand the product the whole purpose of your design is lost. If you need to explain your design, the design has failed.

User’s expectations, conditioned in part by the rapid improvements in user experience are rising…

Talking about 2-factor authentication in my previous post we can look more into verifications on mobile apps.

Password is the usual one, a lot of them (especially financial ones) use PIN. But how many use both?

Is accessing your phone and verification to enter the app already 2-factor verification? Not really, right?

Image for post
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Typical PIN screens

We are used to passwords by now. This behaviour was brought over from the web.

Let’s look at some of the usability issues PIN has:

  1. Security logic:
  • usual pins are 4 or 6 numbers — use 5?
  • don’t allow horizontal sequences like “12345" or “54321”
  • don’t allow vertical…

There are no quick fixes and apparently it’s hard to create a new habit. But some things just need to change. Embracing 2-factor authentication is one of those. And regarding money better safe than sorry.

Spending more time in US made me think about usage and handling with payment cards. Having unpleasant feelings when you give the waiter your bank card and he takes it away. Coming from Europe I was taught to never let an eye off your bank card. The first time it happened my reaction was: Wait! What? Where are you taking my card? He looked at…

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Product and UI/UX Design. Won the Best Design Award at @Launch Festival 2014 SF. Part of Portfolio:

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