Vesna Restaurants and Lounges

Vesna, which converts to spring in Russian, is the hottest new modern-day Slavic restaurant in the Middle East. Plating international cuisine with a blend of Slavic and cosmopolitan flavours, Vesna is located in the heart of Dubai, at the Conrad Hotel Sheikh Zayed Road. The restaurant is all set to push the Slavic culinary boundaries with a fresh twist in the region. As things get hot in the kitchen, the lounge stays chilled, with signature cocktails, indulgent fine wines and spirits, to be enjoyed with family and friends. It is owned and operated by Aston Restaurant Management Group. Vesna Dubai is identical with urbane Eastern European dishes with global cultural effect. Visit

The Team

Vesna remarkable team is the behind the everyday operations of the restaurant. From its management led by passionate entrepreneurs’ Alexandra Vovchenko and Mandeep Pujji, to its Chef Kairat Chokanov to its highly-trained staff and lively marketing team of Mohammad Al Qawas, Firass Abbass and Edgar Zurinskas, Vesna is no doubt on its way to transform the fine dining industry.

The celebrity chef Kairat Chokanov has participated in numerous cook-offs and is a winner of the Russian cooking competition — “Gold Culina”. He was a central part of the most popular restaurant chains in Russia — Ginza Project, from where he got his brilliant ability and knowledge in the field of taste and bought it to Vesna Restaurant. The main motto of our chef is: “For good living, you need good food”. This is the principle that he follows in regards to his work.

Theme Nights at Vesna

1. Karaoke night — Every Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, we have karaoke starting from 11pm to 3am. We organize a private karaoke room every day for up to 12 persons, one booking per day.
2. Afternoon tea — We have afternoon tea from Sunday to Thursday in our deluxe lounge, with amazing lounge music from 3pm to 5 pm.
3. Ladies night — Every Tuesday we have ladies night, themed Alice in wonderland, with limitless BUBBELS from 7pm to 11pm, and we have a special set menu for the ladies-3 courses for 150 AED.

We have the perfect venue for every occasion. Our Private Dining Room seats up to 12 guests, where you can enjoy exclusiveness and luxury. Our Lounge Area features low sofa seats up to 60 guests and can gather from small to big groups who would like to experience a casual and comfortable environment. Visit

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