Why I Wake Up at 6 AM
Brandon Foken

Made the switch myself but after more than a year I still struggle.

I used to work in shifts but the last 15 months it’s been regular office hours for me.

At one time I was able to get up at 5:15, do yoga. Eat breakfast and be out of the house around 7:00. I usually got home around 17:00 leaving me for about 4–5 hours to work out, cook and wind down. It felt great for a while.

But social life needs to be maintained too, so I was able to get away with it at the start but later I was focused too much on maintaining my social life. In the weekend I’m doing everything I can to salvage that. Which means doing things in the evening to late at night, though not every weekend.

In the end what sticks with you will work and what doesn’t will not.