Late Notifications on Social Media: Glitch or Trick

The buzz about glitches on various social media platforms is spreading and the ‘fact’ is solidifying. Apparently there’s something wrong with the platforms and we are receiving the news of likes and follows hours after the fact.
The thing is, it works in the favour of such platforms if control freaks and dopamine-seeking people like me who are gratified by the double taps we receive are notified of them hours after they happen. For those of us who can’t stand the red notification sign and just need to clear it as soon as it appears, we are drawn in again and again as the glitch submits the ‘news’ when we have scheduled deep work or on a social media hiatus of any self-imposed kind. It isn’t a lie or fake news, it is a form of scheduled notification. The same way you would stagger information in a scheduler to be disseminated over a period of time, Instagram and it’s capital Facebook submits your feed which you have already seen in bits.
It is great for the platform if you are drawn in again and again; you stay for a few more moments or an hour, you are likely to double tap your heart away, post a photo yourself and with its increased monetised efforts swipe up to read an article in stories or buy the new Fenty makeup right there through the Instagram photo. It may be an unplanned visit but it works for Mark Zuckerberg if you are back on the platform.
The smarter we get about scheduling posts on Planoly and Later to minimise our engagement on various platforms, the more glitches will happen to induce such engagement.
At least that’s my simple observant theory. Let me know how you avoid geting sucked back in; because I am hopeless and as a social media manager it’s just all day everyday trying to figure out if I missed something on a managed platform.
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