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Every now and again and again and again, it is good to take your mind away from everything that is happening in the world around you. Take a moment to reflect on you as a person, where you are, at that very moment.

I am not a holistic person.

I believe in science and find a lot of energy conversations intriguing, yet have concluded that the majority of alternative medicine is unfounded.

Your mental state, on the other hand, is real and controls not only the flesh suit, but the surrounding environment as well.

It is proven optimistic people tend…

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With Paypal’s announcement to integrate Bitcoin purchases “in the next three months.” One would imagine a pump is in order. Alas, the market is a fickle beast. Showing dismal price action preceding this announcement. The uptick in ability to on-ramp new users shines through though. This is where steady adoption could be attained. With the inclusion of Bitcoin onto PayPal/Venmo opens the doors to large platforms who support PayPal to now accept BTC. Ebay will be a major contributor to the growth if they simply stay the course.

As an avid Ebay user, the announcement was intriguing for its implications…

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KAVA has been showing some promise, and I wanted to share my personal rundown. Mind you, I am very active in the DeFi space and find the utility of KAVA to be something of note. This is not financial advice, simply access to my notes.


KAVA is the native token for Kava Labs. Kava Labs has developed the Kava blockchain, which is the first cross-blockchain DeFi platform. Kava Labs states it has:

The world’s first interledger solutions provider enabling interoperability and liquidity to blockchains, wallets, and exchanges.

Essentially it is a direct competitor of MakerDAO. Boasting “multicollateral” options over Maker…


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