Signs Indicating Your Dog Is Stressed

Yes, dogs also go through a range of emotions. Just like us, they also get stressed. There are certain behaviours that your pet might adopt to show us how they are feeling. It could be easy for you and your vet to identify the symptoms of stress in your dog.

Anxiety and stress are common in dogs, similar to humans. It could be because of seasonal activities, like crowded parties or fireworks. We are going to mention some of the critical signs that show that your dog is stressed. If you see your dog displaying these symptoms, contact the best vets for stressed pets.

You have to carefully observe your dog to figure out some of the symptoms. Pay close attention to the recent changes in their behaviours.

Reduced Appetite

Unlike humans, dogs do not suddenly decide to fast or go on diets. If you see that your dog is not interested in food as he used to be earlier or eats small meals, you might want to visit a veterinarian. It could be a sign of some health problem or stress.

Developing anorexia, where he/she refuses to eat, could contribute to tremendous nutritional deficiencies and weight loss. Make sure that you do not delay your visit.

Displacement or Avoidance Behaviour

Dogs tend to flee situations that may them stressed. Some of them may start licking genitals, turning away, or sniffing the ground. Some dogs also like the alone time. But, if your dog is isolating himself/herself way too much, it could be because of stress or anxiety. If your dog is behaving oddly, it is crucial that you visit the veterinarian as quickly as possible.

Ears Pinned Back

You can predict your dog’s behaviour by the position of his/her ears. If your dog’s ears are pinned back, it may indicate that your dog is stressed. However, if your dog has a pair of floppy ears, observing such movements can be very difficult.

Sudden Change in the Physical Activity

The reaction to stress is different for different dog breeds. Some might start avoiding, while others tend to become hyperactive. If you see that your dog is hyperactive or defensive, you might start looking for other signs of stress.


If you see that your dog sleeps more than he/she used to earlier, you might want to make the call to your vet. Lethargy is one of the initial symptoms of trauma, sickness, stress, or injury.

Excessive Panting

Dogs may pant when they are energetic, hot, or excited. But if he/she is panting even when your dog hasn’t been part of an extensive exercise, you must make the call to the vet. Dogs might use this technique for cooling off chronic conditions like heart failure or breathing disorders.

Whale Eyes

You may often see these eyes when you hug your dog way too much. If you notice that your dog is showing you the whale eyes, your dog may be stressed or worried. The best thing you can do in the situation is to remove the stressor from the environment.

Dogs may also start barking excessively when they are stressed. Keep all these signs in mind as it may help you understand your dog’s unusual behaviour in the future.