Does Crowd Sourcing Intelligence Work?

The numbers don’t lie…..

At Vetter, we believe today’s investors need more than hype and rumours to find crypto projects before they hit the market. We’re filling this need by building the Vetter Ecosystem, a comprehensive suite of crowd-sourced intelligence and analysis tools that will empower investors to stay on the cutting edge of crypto opportunities while avoiding scams and rug-pulls.

In an April speech, US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen said that government agencies already had some authority to regulate crypto currencies and signalled that future rules will likely focus on protecting investors. It’s incumbent upon those of us in the cryptosphere to provide solutions from within the industry so that we’re not stuck with external regulations that kill innovation, choke out good projects and prevent smaller investors from participating.

Providing these kinds of solutions is Vetter’s mission. Vetter Platform empowers investors with the crowdsourced intelligence, knowledge and analysis they need to make informed decisions about which projects to back. This kind of service is critical in an environment where new crypto projects are launching every second.

The Vetter system uses a proprietary artificial intelligence system to rate community members who review or recommend crypto projects. With a colour - coded system, we make it easy for potential investors to identify recommendations from top experts. To achieve the purple ranking (highest rated), a scout must have 90% of their projects achieve a 200% return within 24 hours of launching.

Does the system work? To-date, 91.5% of projects posted by our purple scouts hit that 200% benchmark. Our system also allows users to collate data over longer time frames — 7 days, 30 days or longer, post-launch. This gives investors the option to focus on projects with real use cases on a longer time horizon.

In the coming months, Vetter will roll out an arsenal of DeFi dApps designed to equip crypto investors — from novice to expert, and small to large — with the tools they need to invest wisely. This will include scalable crowdsourced signalling services, an incubator to provide resources and marketing heft to great ideas that need support, a tracker for investors to stay organised and informed, and a one-stop destination for users to learn everything they need to know about investing in cryptocurrency.

At Vetter, our mission is to support and democratise decentralised finance. Cryptocurrency doesn’t need to be weighed down with government regulation. It needs informed investors, continued innovation, and accessibility for those interested.

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