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At some point, probably sooner rather than later, the country will be fully connected with gigabit-speed internet. And when this happens, we’ll know — the term “gigabit” is a concrete benchmark that is either met, or not. At the moment, however, our goal is the much more nebulous “broadband”. We’ve all heard this term from internet service providers, from the media, from the government… but there is still no exact definition beyond “reasonably fast internet”. …

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The FCC’s announcement of the Rural Digital Opportunity Fund (RDOF) was met with approval from the broadband industry. Now that we’ve had time to digest the plan, and have heard more about the internal mechanisms, new questions are arising regarding how it works and how it might go wrong.

Key advantages of RDOF

One of the big advantages of the RDOF, even over the Connect America Fund (CAF) that inspired it, is the ability to move more funds away from price-cap carriers. Looking back at the CAF rounds, incumbents won a relatively small number of bids for relatively small funding awards, and this trend is likely to continue through the RDOF. …



Next gen finance for wireless infrastructure

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