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Key advantages of RDOF

  • Our current financial system adds to income inequality
  • DeFi opens up the financial opportunities that have historically only been available to the wealthy to the rest of the population
  • VEVA is at the bleeding edge of this revolution and has pioneered a new financial structure to take advantage of the…

  • 24.7 million Americans don’t have access to broadband internet, deepening the digital divide
  • Anti-competitive maneuvering and functional monopolies from the big ISPs play a significant role, as do ineffective federal regulations
  • Data is either opaque or unavailable at best, or blatantly manipulated at worst
  • The digital divide will remain problematic…

  • Crypto is still missing a few pieces: regulation, technology, distribution
  • VEVA is engineering a new type of asset class, built to work with today’s finance but able to scale into the blockchain world when ready
  • First offerings will be fixed assets in the Wireless Broadband space

ICO regulation
investing is always risk vs. reward

What is Market Cap?


Next gen finance for wireless infrastructure

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