3 Ways to Stay Focused as a Solopreneur

Jun 25 · 3 min read

If you’re a creative entrepreneur, chances are you’re also a visionary. The very qualities that compelled you to own your own business are also the ones that might deter you from running a profitable business. The innate urge to rebel against tradition can limit your potential when it comes to working on your business rather than in your business.

Every new idea can feel like the next big thing that should captivate all your time. So, it’s important to be diligent with your energy and thoughtful with your business decisions.

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Project and Time Tracking

One of the best ways to stay focused as a solopreneur is to properly manage your projects. Apps like Asana and Slack offer helpful tracking tools for one person or a team of people. Depending on your business, these types of apps can foster group collaboration when you’re plugging into a temporary team. The benefit of these tools is to document a plan for your project. What is the objective? What are the deliverables? Who is doing what? When is it due? You might have these answers in your head but putting them down on paper allows your brain to process the information further, increasing the likelihood of successful follow through.

Additionally, when tracking your projects, don’t forget to track your hours worked on each project. After you’ve completed a project, go back and look at those hours. You should always know an estimation of how long it takes you to complete specific tasks. That way you know how much you should be charging and if you need to increase your prices. This financial strategy is an effective way to add focus and growth to your business.

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Personal Creative Outlet and Education

Most creative people have personal passions, whether it’s watercolor or writing novels. As an entrepreneur, having a personal outlet can be helpful in directing energy into something creative without getting in the way of client work. You might have this great idea that you need to get out of your system, but it might not be right for any of your client work. A personal outlet allows you to test your idea without major consequences.

Learning a new skill or taking an online course can also be somewhat meditative. Sometimes when you’re constantly moving from one project to the next, you tend to feel a little scattered mentally. Setting aside time to further your education not only teaches you something new, but it gives you a gift of dedicated personal learning time. Ironically, when you focus on learning something new, you’d be surprised at how many new ideas pop up.

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Reading a Book Every Day

Just in case you forgot, reading has some major positive effects on the brain. According to a recent article from Medium, benefits include greater emotional intelligence, enhanced fluid reasoning, and improved concentration. All great qualities of a successful human and creative entrepreneur.

If you’ve ever read an entire novel in a weekend, you know how thrilling it feels. It’s like a multivitamin for the mind with immediate benefits. Try this for a sold week, read for 30 minutes every morning. You’ll not only feel more focused, but you’ll probably notice a difference in your energy level.

Your strategies will change as your business grows. It’s important to constantly assess your business for what’s working and what’s not. Part of being a successful entrepreneur is accepting that what works today might not work tomorrow.


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