5 Ways to Up Your Selfie Game

Telling your story is important. As a media maker, you have to wear so many hats. You’re a copywriter, photographer, content manager, advertiser, market analyst, master of your first impressions. Sometimes a few seconds of video can change everything. To help you master the art of selfie videoing, here are 5 quick tips:

1. Lighting is everything

If you’re outdoors, take advantage of the #GoldenHour, the hour after sunrise, or anytime on a cloudy day. If you’re indoors, draw back the shades and let the light in. Natural light near a window is the best, even when it’s cloudy! If you need a little extra help, it’s rumored that Kim Kardashian uses this nifty little sucker:

But first — TRY THIS:

Shooting Video with an iPhone — Wistia Blog

2. Frame the same

Consistency is a branding key. Once you find your good light, good angle, get ready to stay consistent. Mark the stops where you set up your gear so you can easily bounce back into content creation. Use a tripod or selfie stick (or combo) like this one.

There are benefits to consistency other than a branded finished product. When you have the discipline to repeat your process again and again, you’ll get better at it each time. But if you always change it up, you won’t have much to reference when you want to compare how far you’ve come.

3. Inhale, exhale, repeat.

We get it. Sometimes you’re really excited to share the great news. Sometimes the emotions are so intense and the words just aren’t there. Good news, the power of one-minute mediation can get you into the creative jive that’s needed to get your message across.

4. No time to video edit? There’s an app for that!

Many videographers will tell you the best way to edit your content is on desktop. But when 80% of internet traffic is video, who can keep up? Finding the right tool for the job is sometimes the biggest hurdle. Luckily, there are some great apps out there to help media makers.

Inshot, Splice, and Magisto are all great choices to help you spend more time on your creative process and less time on post-production.

5. Let your most authentic self shine

Smile like you mean it, and if you don’t, then to hell with smiling! Video consumption is at an all-time high, and everyone is trying to convey these perfectly staged glimpses on social. The truth is, real emotion is captivating. Your audience is out there and all you need to do is get out of your own way.

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