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Oct 17, 2019 · 3 min read

October 17th, 2019

A Call for Submissions to CoMakery!

Photo by Designecologist from Pexels

Vevuers: get featured in a Vevue ad and earn extra revenue!

If you have posted videos on Vevue about travel, wellness, art, or lifestyle — we want you! We’ll reward you up to 300 Vpay for each video. By submitting your videos via CoMakery, you enter a library that has a chance to be featured in a future Vevue ad. Get rewarded now, then get paid dividends when people watch the ad in the future.

We’ve partnered with the CoMakery platform to continue rewarding users who want to contribute to building the Vevue project.

How it works:

  1. View the CoMakery task list to see the full list of video categories we are collecting.
  2. Select Start Task to submit you Vevue video
  3. Our community manager will review + award you the corresponding token bounty.
  4. Rinse & repeat

Why this is special

We are giving the Vevue Beta users special opportunities to earn more tokens before our grand launch later this year. We have so many things planned! We don’t want you to miss out. After all, those first to a new platform, win.

Learn More About This Special Offer>

The Newest Version of Vevue Beta is Live!

We’re busy fixing bugs and improving features. Thank you to everyone who contributed feedback regarding their Vevue Beta user experience. We love hearing from you, and we hope to continue to deliver a superior social media experience.

Android Updates:

1. Daily reward (rain feature will not work if claimed again)
2. New Request search function
3. After user add location show location address
4) Vpay icon updated in edit video info screen
5) My unlocked videos text updated in premium screen
6) Show distance in circular progress
7) Capitalize first letter in new request screen
8) Media screen videos should play
9) Downloading video in cache and show cached videos and currently downloading videos

Download Vevue Beta 1.14 for Android >

iOS/ Apple Updates:

1. Sharing video link: Add copy to clipboard
2. Add map view in ’User Info Page
3. Optimize user profile page (Upvote & V icon show feed)
4. Add responses feed in Request module
5. Add copyright symbol on Video cover and add streamer animation
6. Video play page add : make location clickable
7. Re_Add copyright search function and show the video info at bottom
8. Add sponsorship feed list and sponsorship edit function.
9. Re_Add video cache & watch later function

Bug Fixed:
- Fix can’t play video on iOS 13
- Fix trending/VPrevium feed shows firstly bug [Maybe have cache]
- When user click pin request button, hide ‘Post Your First Request’ pop up.
- Fix New Request search function’s bug
- Fix paywall splitter error

UI Optimize:
- Edit video page: Use VPay icon, change text, change order
- Change ‘My Unlock Video’ -> ‘My unlocked videos’
- Change ‘unsponsor’ -> ‘sponsorship’
- Remove ‘No Name From API’
- Upload video page: cleanup
- Wallet cleanup
- Replace ‘heart’ icon to ‘upvote’ icon
- Copyright switch upon selecting > change drop down copyright text

Function Optimize:
- When user click pin request button, zoom on user’s current location
- Optimize address format
- Capitalize first letter when typing title or description

Download Vevue Beta 7.4 for iOS >


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Make videos, earn tokens anywhere in the world. Vevue is a peer-to-peer incentivized video network built on the Qtum blockchain. Visit

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