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September 18, 2019

Sep 18 · 3 min read

A Call for Submissions!

Vevuers: get featured in a Vevue ad and earn extra revenue!

If you have posted videos on Vevue about travel, wellness, art or lifestyle — we want you! We’ll reward you up to 300 Vpay extra for each video. By submitting your videos via CoMakery, you enter a library that has a chance to be featured in a future Vevue ad. Get paid extra now, then get paid dividends when people watch the ad.

We’ve partnered with the CoMakery platform to continue to reward users who want to contribute to building the Vevue project.

How it works:

  1. View the CoMakery task list to see the full list of video categories we are collecting.
  2. Select Start Task to submit you Vevue video
  3. Our community manager will review + award you the corresponding token bounty.
  4. Rinse & repeat

Why this is special

We are giving the Vevue Beta users special opportunities to earn more tokens before our grand launch later this year. We have so many things planned! we don’t want you to miss out. After all, those first to a new platform, win.

Learn More About This Special Offer>

Here Here for CHEER!

The newest version of Vevue Beta introduces Cheer.

Upvotes are great! But what happens when you love a video so much that your mouth starts to water, your stomach rumbles, and you can’t help but wish for smell-a-vision? We’re shaking it up and finally empowering users to donate, tip, give, show love on the fly.

How it works:

  1. Upvote a video
  2. The Cheer slider will appear
  3. Send up to 100 Vpay to the video creator!

*We are still connecting all token functionalities — so this feature is available to test without denting your wallet.

The Newest Version of Vevue Beta is Live!

We’re busy fixing bugs and improving features. Thank you to everyone who contributed feedback regarding their Vevue Beta user experience.

Android Updates:

-Daily Reward
-Phone Vibration
-Media token wallet design update
-Add slider to upvote
-Upgrade token icons
-Add high-low, low-high sort function in Request pop-up
-Add Verified Checkmark
-Stablecoin text and design
-Refresh pulldown
-Request Bug: Close and call back money
-Separate VUT and Vpay balance:

Download Vevue Beta for Android >

iOS/ Apple Updates:

- Edit video: fix can’t submit edit
- Stablecoin: text and design edits
Media token wallet design update
- All-new design and function
- Id _Label add long tap copy function
- Slide to the left add ‘Setting function’ [Edit video info & delete video]
Cheer Function
- When user upvotes, Cheer slider appears. Slide from 1 to 100. The counter is on the left of the slider. Cheer slider will disappear after 3 secs, or if the user “Send” upvotes.
- If user re-enter upvote after already sending — change text to “Sent” and the amount shows how many they sent.
- Cheer animation

Download Vevue Beta for iOS >

Contact us!

For inquiries or troubleshooting questions, join our telegram or reach out to


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Make videos, earn tokens anywhere in the world. Vevue is a peer-to-peer incentivized video network built on the Qtum blockchain. Visit

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