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The Return of Daily Rewards and Other Development Updates

Sep 26 · 2 min read

It’s back! Your favorite and mine… Daily Rewards! Who doesn’t love getting free stuff?

Earn 5 Vpay every day for logging into Vevue.

  1. Update your Vevue Beta to iOS version 7.2.1 or Android version 1.11
  2. Click My Profile in the main navigation
  3. Select Wallet
  4. Select CLAIM > to receive your 5 Vpay Daily Reward!
  5. Voila! Eat, sleep, poop and repeat!

Alongside the return of Daily Reward here are the updates for each operating system:

iOS Version 7.2.1 Updates

  • add Version number at Setting page
  • dock cheer API. Slider range 1–100
  • Add local authentication
  • Dock Sponsor API
  • Adaptations for iOS 13
    — fix design Bug in Dark Mode
    — upgrade system obsolete API
    — fix a log crash in iOS13

Android Version 1.11 Updates

  • reply to a comment
    -android scroll user profile
    -sync delete video functions and media tab
    -collaborator icon
    -text comment box
    -setting paywall
    -search icon wrong spot
    -dividend pool edit
    -up/down/slider api and edits
    -edit video page text edit vpay up, down & cheer

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Vevue is the social media app that pays.

Could something as ingrained in our daily lives as social media be done differently? Yes. And it should be.

Vevue is a rewards-based social media app, powered by the blockchain, that empowers the next generation of media makers to honor their creative craft and make a difference in the world through powerful visual content.

Our token-based economic model allows anyone, anywhere to View, Earn, Participate and feel rewarded.

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Make videos, earn tokens anywhere in the world. Vevue is a peer-to-peer incentivized video network built on the Qtum blockchain. Visit

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