Aug 15, 2018 · 3 min read

As part of this expansion, we’re thrilled to announce the addition to our team two trailblazers in the fields of tech and entertainment: blockchain sage Srinivas Nemani and indie film director Jeremy Culver.

Together, they will help us continue to pioneer blockchain innovations and creative content strategies that will help our platform revolutionize the way the world shares and views videos, from feature films and music to podcasts and restaurant reviews.

Srinivas has a resume that reads like a laundry list of accomplishment after accomplishment. In his more than two decades working in information technology, Srini has worked as a lead architect at American Express, where he helped drive the growth of online users for the company’s digital channel from 200 million people to more than 550 million. He also led global engineering teams at GE, Cisco and Amazon, and he’s become something of a guru when it comes blockchain technology. (Actually, he is a tech guru, spending much of his spare time pondering — and then implementing — such things as blockchain solutions for halting video and music piracy. Seriously, ask him anything about blockchain, and your head will spin with all his expertise!)

Which is why we’re excited that Srini will take lead over at Vevue Labs, our hub for research and engineering breakthroughs in blockchain and other tech. Among other things, he’ll help:

  • Conceptualize, build and lead Vevue Labs;
  • Head research on data security and content piracy, with focus on build-versus-buy decisions and in-house development;
  • Lead research, development and implementation of AI and data analytics;
  • Explore and define decentralized video storage solutions;
  • Spearhead modernization and content monetization strategy in accordance with blockchain principles;
  • Oversee community development, tools and technologies that foster adoption of Qtum blockchain

Jeremy, who brings unique experience and a wellspring of creativity that will help make our revolutionary blockchain innovations accessible and fun for audiences around the globe. An independent filmmaker, Jeremy has won accolades and affection for his fun and forward-thinking films, which have been screened in front of Pope Francis I and won the Gabriel Award and the CIMA Award. More than this, Jeremy is passionate about technology, especially of the blockchain variety. That’s why he teamed up with Vevue to release on our platform his film “No Postage Necessary,” a seminal moment in tech history. This was the first feature film ever released using blockchain technology!

And so, expanding on our relationship with Jeremy, we’re excited that he’ll be leading Vevue Premium, which focuses on cultivating the curated-content side our platform. We can’t think of a better person to do this than Jeremy, who will:

  • Work with the team to define and develop Vevue Premium, including providing a framework for curated content, developing a distributor strategy for platform engagement and approval by vendors;
  • Define terms of use for distributors/content creators along with a legal strategy for compliance with industry standards and expectations;
  • Thrash out blockchain video on demand, or BVOD, terminology and adaptability as it relates to traditional distribution methods and legal considerations;
  • Define workflow for distributors/creators and deliverables list and formats for bringing on board new client programming;
  • Design and develop sales strategy to engage distributors/creators, as well as engage with distributors/creators to assist in utilizing Vevue (including education on the platform and the benefits of blockchain);
  • Lay out compensation strategy for distributors, which involves tokenized disbursement of revenue, and work with Vevue marketing team to develop and implement promotions and outreach initiatives for distributors and client projects;
  • Speak at conferences and engage media, and represent Vevue Premium at film and music festivals and other entertainment-related events;
  • Leverage network of accredited investors and business relationships for funding and platform growth.

Exciting times ahead for our talented and growing team, indeed!


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