Introducing Marshall Bennett: PR + Media Manager

Jul 2 · 2 min read

Our best inspiration comes from the people we surround ourselves with, and we are pleased to welcome Marshall Bennett to the Vevue family as PR + Media Manager.

Marshall is originally from South Korea, but considers his home to be Silicon Valley. A risk taker, globetrotter, and all around cool nerd, he currently serves as Vevue’s public relations and media manager.

Prior to Vevue, he worked in the space industry, both New Space and legacy sectors. He has worked at NASA Marshall Space Flight Center’s SERVIR project as the Science Coordination Office — Communications Lead. Marshall has also served as a co-founder for two New Space startups via Stanford Venture Studio in Silicon Valley. It was during his time with a satellite startup, which leveraged blockchain technology to issue insurance remittances to refugees, that he became interested in blockchain and how it would revolutionize the internet and impact all industries across the globe.

An advocate of the humanities, his experiences in tech have taught him the importance of creating technologies that align with humanistic values, which is what led him to Vevue. He believes the company combines blockchain, social media, and the arts in a way that makes it accessible to the broader public. In the long term, he sees Vevue as a solution to the myriad problems of copyright, privacy, and misguided algorithms that have come to beset traditional social media platforms. While he does not believe these outcomes have always been intentional — as the evolving milieu of the tech industry and how consumers and creators respond are all fast moving — Vevue provides a better alternative.

He is a graduate of Stanford University’s Center for East Asian Studies, Georgetown University’s Master of Science in Foreign Service, and University of Minnesota’s Carlson School of Management. During his free time, he likes to kick it by the pool or at the beach, as well as challenge Hollywood’s bamboo ceiling as a budding Asian American actor.

Follow Marshall on Vevue @Marshmallow UserID#: 4178

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