Invest in Vevue

We’ve partnered with Cryptospace to help US-based customers.

Great news for our friends across the States. You can now purchase $Vevue tokens using a credit card, debit or bank account. Our partnership with Cryptospace is broadening the market by providing easy investment opportunities for anyone interested.

Cryptospace is a brick and mortar office located in San Pedro, California.

  • They can help you buy and sell. A safe, in-person way to get your digital assets quicker than any exchange. If you are unable to visit them in person, they can work with you over the phone to answer questions, assist in wire transfers, credit card and crypto orders for $Vevue.
  • They have a great support desk. Real humans to answer your crypto questions and help you keep your assets safe.

Contact @CryptospaceUS in our Telegram channel.

As of late, $Vevue has been trading on two exchanges: Bishex and Allcoin. We are continuing our commitment to lowering the barrier of entry to blockchain by making it easier to purchase $Vevue tokens.