LIVE on Vevue: First-ever Film to Launch Using Blockchain!

No matter where you are in the world, you can watch the indie film No Postage Necessary. Download the Vevue app from itunes or visit to watch it now!

No Postage Necessary costs 10 $Vevue tokens. You can earn tokens by responding to requests nearby using the Vevue app. If you don’t see any pins in your area, don’t stress! Message us via telegram at or twitter @goVevue

We did it guys! It’s been a crazy journey to what can only be known as the beginning of a new era. Together with our partners at Two Roads Picture Co., we’ve worked hard to make this dream a reality.

The platform works. The paywall system works. The creatives and content owners are getting paid. This is the stuff that hard work is made of.

There’s lots more coming for Vevue. More films, music, vlogs and all things creative are setting up on our platform. To anyone who is interested in being part of history in the making, welcome to your new home. Vevue is for you.