New Tech Advisor, Vevue @ Coindesk Consensus, and Project Updates: April 21, 2018


Community Updates

This week, we welcome Srini Nemani as Chief Architect and Technical Advisor for Vevue. Srini, lead senior product engineer at American Express, has joined Vevue to help architect it’s growth strategy.

Blessed with 18+ years of deep experience across various domains & technology ecosystems, as an Engineering Leader, Enterprise Architect & Hands-on Engineer. I have deep experience in enterprise architecture, product/platform architecture & management, software engineering, process automation, CIC/D and building enterprise grade Digital Solutions, on-prem and in the cloud. Enabling VPIs/APIs and (SOA/Micro) Services to create open platforms.

read more about Srini’s experience >

His first task is refinement of Vevue’s growth strategy as outlined here

Business and Partnerships

  • Come meet the Vevue team at Consensus 2018. We will be exhibiting at the Qtum booth May 14–16 check out our live demos, web client unveiling, and take home prizes. Our partners from Two Roads Picture Co, producers of indie flick No Postage Necessary will also be joining us.

Tech Development

  • The latest iOS app update will be published in the coming days. Notable changes include the IP Smart contract feature and improved UI.
  • Our web client will debut at Consensus 2018, watch out for a special offers and detailed updates via email.


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