Project Updates: March 9, 2018

As Vevue takes flight, we will bring you bi-weekly updates about project progress, promotions, and what’s coming down the pipeline.


  • Vote now to help determine what exchange we will list Vevue Token. Our initial plan was to first list with, but after mixed opinions, we’ve decided that we must stay true to Vevue as a community project. Join our slack channel to participate in the poll. Voting will be open until March 15.
  • Community members can also participate in our app development by reporting bugs or adding to our Features Wishlist. Our Trello boards are integrated with Slack to aid this process. To report a bug using slack, simply type /trello add [description of bug]

Tech Development

  • Web Client
    Upgraded Administration center for LAN manage system;
    Upgraded UI design for LAN manage system;
    Fixed LAN manage system bugs;
    Started Building Vevue webpage for public — here’s a preview
  • iOS Client
    Fixed bugs on iPad;
    Fixed bugs on VRMode;
    Added VR control and viewer;
    Added tactile feedback for Click event;
    Removed old useless SDKs;
    Upgraded My part UI design;
    Started Building Wallet functions;

Business and Partnerships

  • We are excited to collaborate with our new legal partners at Jenga Solutions, based in Singapore. They specialize in global structure and compliance and have worked with our Qtum cohorts, Ink, Qbao and Spacechain to name a few.

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