Tech Happy — Part 2

Oct 20, 2019 · 3 min read

How technology is finally making up for ruining our lives…

Photo by Cristian Dina from Pexels

Many experts will point to the advent of technology, most notably social media, as detrimental to mental heath. Cyber-bullying and Insta-anxiety, constantly comparing your life to the heavily filtered and photoshopped lives of influencers, is on the rise. Suddenly, trolls aren’t just under the bridge…they are in your face, on your post, and in the comment sections. But all is not lost; there are many apps out their meant to help users cope with a variety of mental health issues, overcome various addictions, and become the best versions of themselves.

Mental Health


Founded by a sister/brother duo, notOK is an app allowing users to build a peer support system. For anything from depression to fainting/seizing disorders, with a touch of a button, notOK will inform your designated list of friends that you need help, whether in the form of a text, call, or visit. According to their website, “Research on peer support programs has shown that participation in these services yields improvement in psychiatric symptoms and decreased hospitalization (Galanter, 1988).” And once you are doing better, you can alert your friends that the crisis has been averted. It is free on iOS and Android.

My Possible Self

Through interactive modules, My Possible Self allows users to monitor their moods, understand their triggers, and seek help through different methods of cognitive and behavioral therapy. When you sign up, Bloopy, their mascot, will guide you through a questionnaire to evaluate what modules could benefit you. My Possible Self is even endorsed by the NHS to bridge the gap between patients and physicians. The basic package is free on iOS and Android.


Smoke Free

Smoke Free uses many ways to incentivize your journey to kick the habit. If you are financially minded, it can show you how much money you save. For those who like stockpiling rewards, you can mark your milestones with badges. For those out to improve their health, Smoke Free will tell you step by step how your body is responding to quitting. The app will also let you track your cravings and learn your triggers. Try it free on iOS and Android.


Founded by recovering sex and porn addicts, rTribe is another peer network app meant to both help users find accountability through a network of other recovering addicts and learn more about how your addiction affects you. You can check in with peers, seek help when you feel triggered, and be connected to specialized counselors who are experts in this poorly understood field of addiction. Get it free for iOS and Android.

Daily Improvement


Have you been meaning to learn a new language, read a book every week, or up your flossing game (no, not the dance)? Well then Streak is for you. The Streak app can let you customize your goals, set a timeline, and watch as you crush your daily tasks. This continuous journey is compiled into a “streak”, which incentivizes you to not lose all that progress with one bad day. This app will help you with all those little things that get pushed aside. Find it for iOS or Android.

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