The Best Update Yet

Mar 6, 2019 · 3 min read

This is annoyingly true but very wise:

Absolutely true indeed.

Vevue was first conceived by Thomas Olson in 2012, as peer-to-peer video exchange platform. It was a hotel misrepresented online which caused a restless night that led to wanting a more honest and transparent system for sharing information. In dog years and tech ages, 2012 seems like eons ago. Back then, Instagram had 13 million followers after launching only a year prior. (source) Facebook, began their steep adoption curve and was climbing to 490 million active users. Google+ was the fastest growing network and ideas like Patreon had yet to launch. Needless to say, times have greatly changed since 2012.

We’ve witnessed the proliferation of visual communication through Instagram and the rise and fall of juggernauts Facebook and Google+. Consumer habits are changing to pave the way for creativity thanks to game-changers like Patreon.

Digital social culture is shifting. And the seedling Thomas planted in 2012 is a uniqueness that is far from outdated. Many great ideas come ahead of their time. No matter how fast technology continues to evolve, sometimes time is required for a good idea to find the right intersection. Our agility to develop within an ever-changing tech landscape has brought forth a first to market product. Last year we became the industry standard for video distribution on the blockchain. Yet, our successes have been met with shortcomings as well. We haven’t been able to deliver Android. Subsequently, we have yet to reach a benchmark of mass adoption.

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Exciting News

After a brief intermission, we’re once again excited to pursue the future of better social media. We’re thrilled to announce the closure of new venture capital that will accelerate Android development and allow us to expand our team. We’ve appointed Vevue Premium head, Jeremy Culver to co-CEO to help steer the ship alongside our founder, Thomas Olson. Jeremy brings over two decades of multimedia management experience to our team and his experience as a creative is yet another invaluable asset to the Vevue platform.

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Jeremy Culver

For Jeremy, “Social media can and should be much more than the current landscape provides. With Vevue, creators have an opportunity to see themselves as more than a product for large corporations to monetize but rather as a unique voice who owns the content they provide as part of the daily interactions with their community. This distinction is fundamental to the recognition of value which is foundational to the empowerment of people,”.

The intersection of ideation and technology is finally approaching. Our path is clearer than ever towards providing a platform that promotes honesty and transparency, that rewards participants with a fair profit, and that allows creative entrepreneurs a vehicle to pursue video making dreams.

Android Development is underway with our delivery date set in Q3 of this year. We have also expanded the product development team, so we can hold true on providing global access to Vevue.

It’s all happening now. View our updated roadmap >

Learn more at or send us a message at

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