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Development Updates September 11, 2019


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Beta testing is in full swing and each week, our development team has deployed a new version, fixing bugs and applying the latest updates. Here’s what you can expect from this week’s version:

Updates to Beta ios:
New beta version 1.11.0908
update details:
- For “Reload” button redirected to link provided
- After upload video comment, refresh the page
- Video& text comment feed order
- New Request> user receive message flow
- Dividend Pool API
- Add “verified” symbol

Bugs Fixed:
- Fix New Request search location bug
- Request message system part #1
- Typing title for New Request
- Missing paywall options when Respond to Request
- — After paywall pop-up> select cancel> no way back = stuck on video play page

Updates Android:

Update details:
-request message flow fixed
-reload button redirected to link provided
-tabs spacing issue fixed in whole app
-paywall option added in respond video
-When pinning Request and only specific user can Respond
-Video play page: sync functions
-Pinning Request flow
-Dividend Pool API
-Upvote error
-Map Running feed stuck
-App force close

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Make videos, earn tokens anywhere in the world. Vevue is a peer-to-peer incentivized video network built on the Qtum blockchain. Visit vevue.com

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